This site is a personal project of Colin Lachance and was created for the purpose of ensuring that his fellow Law Society of Ontario licensees had sufficient information about Bencher candidates to make informed decisions in the April 2019 election.

The site seeks to provide licensees an opportunity to learn about qualified candidates outside their immediate circles, and to provide candidates an opportunity to promote awareness of their priorities.

It is not authorized by or affiliated with the Law Society of Ontario. The LSO’s official election page can be found here: https://lso.ca/about-lso/governance/bencher-election-2019

Resources for Candidate and other great places to learn more

Federation of Ontario Law Associations

FOLA has some great resources to help candidates. Worth a visit!!

Law Times

The Law Times website usually provides great coverage. Check out its growing site.

Ontario Bar Association

Looks like this site is still under development, so check back periodically.

Of Counsel: candidate podcast

Sean Robichaud’s popular “Of Counsel” podcast carries out interviews with individual candidates. Give it a listen! And check for interviews embedded into candidate pages on this site

And for more details on the election, including how to vote in April 2019, go to the LSO site.

More to come