The 2015 lawyer Bencher election had the lowest recorded turnout in 30 years, with fewer than 34% of eligible licensees casting a ballot. 40 lawyers were elected, and only 1 candidate of 98 received a plurality of votes that exceeded the turnout level. Put another way – these elections are won by candidates selected by a small fraction of the actual voters, who themselves represent a small fraction of the electorate.

The cost of reaching all eligible voters is high, as is the challenge for new voices to break through and catch the attention of potential voters.  

I’m hoping to make it easier for voters to learn about candidates and for candidate messages to reach interested voters, and so I’ve developed this website to help address these challenges. The site launched in the first week of January and I invite all lawyer and paralegal candidates registered to run in the April 2019 collection to answer as many or as few of these survey questions as they care to share. If you as a candidate choose to participate, there is a minimum amount of information I require.

Candidates will be welcome to modify and supplement their content at anytime. For example, if there is an issue on which they have not yet developed a position, they are free to leave it blank and resubmit an updated form at a later time. Similarly, if they’d like to add to their thoughts as they review the positions of other candidates, they may do so. Updates will be published at least weekly, but probably more often than that.

All materials supplied will be captured on individualized candidate pages, complete with personalized URLs, and the comments on the Issues are posted to  unique pages for that Issue along with comments from all the other candidates.

Any questions? Hit me up on the contact form.

Thank you.

Colin Lachance